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What does a conveyancer do?

Property Conveyancing is a legal & necessary process in both buying and selling property in Australia. A professional & registered conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor helps with the settlement and title transfer process by ensuring that the client is meeting all legal obligations and that their client’s rights are protected during the transaction.

How much should one expect to pay for conveyancing?

As each conveyancing transaction is unique & need-based, the costs can vary. However, the average conveyancing transaction will range from 800-1500 Australian DOllar. Some conveyancers will include the disbursement costs in their quote too, while others will provide a lower base rate and then disbursements added on the top. You will find Settlement Partners competent compare to most of the service providers in the same sector.


A property-related dealing can be one of the most important transactions you make in your life. With the real estate sector reaching new levels in Australia, owning a property nowadays requires you to invest a significant amount of your lifelong earnings. An investment worth this much needs to be processed smoothly, efficiently, as well as according to Australia’s property ownership regulations.

Can I claim a principal place of residence exemption?

Typically, when you buy a property, you’ll submit a Notice of Acquisition of an Interest in Landform to Land Use Victoria. This tells the government that you’re planning on using this property as your main residence and they will automatically apply this exemption for the relevant tax period.